Weather Satellites

Further to Clive’s talk on decoding the NOAA weather satellites, here are some links to software and guides to getting started.

WXtoimg – This is the software that generates the weather images from the data you have received.

WXtrack  –  Although you can see when the next pass will be using the software above, WXtrack allows you to see where the satellites are in real time.

As Clive mentioned the current operational satellites are:

  • NOAA 15 – 137.6200 MHz
  • NOAA 18 – 137.9125 MHz
  • NOAA 19 – 137.1000 MHz

If you have an SDR dongle this is a great guide. If you haven’t tried an SDR dongle before I can really recommend one. You can pay from around £10 to a few £100 but something like this is a great start.